Bases: Marie Pinup

I made this base for a commission piece of sorts. Marie, had won my services at Backstage Lounge and asked for a victorian style pinup doll. I had initially stated in the auction thread that I was going to do a smallish doll since I was exhausted from my Hearts and Junk project (which you can find in the Cactiflor section of the art section [It's the really massive piece that opens up in a lightbox window]), but true to form, when the muses take over they take over, regardless of what I might have said to begin with. It took me a while to get the doll and the base made, just because life sucks sometimes and it gets in the way of artsy things. So after that long bit of blabber and background, the base is named in part after the lovely lady who inspired it and because it's a pinup base.