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Please see my terms regarding the use of my bases.

oldbases Flirty Fae Miracle Siayhra Lala Kamienne Captured Pudge Marty lizjim Jace firefly laurie galatea catalina petina yonni distantdreamer marion yoursandmine yylan mariepinup

Below are some bases I've made for the forum that my sister Steph and I run. You can get most of the bases below when you join the forum (More details at the forum). However, some of the bases are exclusive to staff members as perks for helping with the forum.

eilis aillil mahal thelian dove mirori cedric elvin gazer sulk ponder naga duke kalynn dreamgiver melinda bashful stargazer sigh willowy laz shadow piraut chicken alexia sadie elaina elfkin brinna faelyna mermaid why weewee Egg aiden showerme terra saywhat adhalia marina ingrid tippy courtnee sally milton smergg bonbon bruno evanne anatalle sarasota dyanna portia aculcarda spiritual gabi dereden membrane mackentire solei sonjya quin midge marie xina aaron carol whitney isodel katharina lisha xnyja bethany ramona malemuses tai-kai shame sweetsilence tatatora poppy ithinktherefore insolace tylle running restlesssoul zeifhin meluk waitforyou neveraround yourdoom thequeen opps havannah vermont ergo tealeterra-lei

Collaborations with Steph

jannie gary weekend dontwannalose bliss without liz


Please see my terms regarding the use of my props.

misc props Natural Props elegant pixels Iron Props Dragon Props


Please see my terms regarding the use of my tutorials.

Most of my tutorials are down for the moment. They are severly dated and I hope to rewrite them someday.

Tutorial/Program Used/Skill:

Layers in PSP7/Paintshop Pro 7/Easy
Basic HTML Tutorial/Notepad, Webhost, Etc./Easy-Medium (I made this for a class presentation and they said it was helpful so I'm sharing it here)