sprk If you would like to contact me for questions, concerns, etc. please email me at (admin(REMOVEME)@theworld(REMOVEME)ofpurple.net). Before emailing me with questions please have a look at the terms to see if the question cannot be answered there. If you are still in question, then I'd be glad to help. When emailing me, please give the email a proper title and not a generic one like "Hello", "I need help", or other such titles. I will not read them because I get a lot of spam with those titles, therefore, they are immediately deleted before being read. I'm sorry it has to be that way but one can only take so much of getting 100 emails where only 1, if any, are worth a hoot. Thank you.

sprk To contact me for contest information, inquiries, and entries for my site contests, please email me at (site(REMOVEME)contests@theworld(REMOVEME)ofpurple.net) and not on my other email because I may miss the entry by accident. Please title the email with the contest name that you have a question, comment, or entry for. That way I will be less likely to miss it in my shuffle to weed through spam. Thank you.

sprk Another way to reach me is my guestbook or the tagboard below.