Dolls: Deadly Visions

Below are my characters for a story called Deadly Visions. I started the series in middle school and it consisted of stories based off characters inspired by my friends and I. The story had four books total, one for each of my friends, and it mixed comedy and what I thought at the time to be real drama. Looking back, however, it seems more of a comedy than a drama because each book was about 28 pages, not really enough to add depth into the books, which I so wanted to have. I'm currently in the process of trying to overhaul and rewrite the stories. At the moment, I have a little over 100 pages on the first book which, I'm really excited about. Tons of new characters and hopefully, the plot and writing is a lot better. I won't be boring you with story bits here, but I will be putting up character dolls. And as you probably know with my character dolls, they are either ask for adoption or not adoptable, but I thank you for looking at them.

Richardson Family

Base: Steph and Me (Ask for Adoption!)