Dolls: RPG - Hogwarts a future

My sib Brandon and I rpg on IM sometimes and these are our characters. Assuming that all our favorite characters survived, we rpg pretty much about their children, starting our own family lineages and such. None of these dolls are adoptable. Sorry... ^_^

Jemmia and Jeanna Danstone

Jemmia and Jeanna are fraternal twins. They are almost identical but have some slightly different biological features. Jemmia has naturally curly hair while Jeanna's hair is naturally straight. Jemmia has hazel blue eyes while Jeanna's eyes are a more hazel green. Not to mention their attitudes are nothing short of completely different. Jeanna is a real sweetie pie. She doesn't have much confidence in herself physically; not really thinking anyone but family could love her. She is quiet and reserved but can be very witty at times. Jemmia on the other hand, is very playful, flirty, and snappy. She tries to hide her real feelings underneath a very sassy exterior. She can be a bit highstrung and is hard to get along with, but she loves her sister very much and never does anything to hurt her.

Base: Doll on the Hill Factory (Do Not Adopt!)

Rick Saw

Rick is Brandon's character. From what I can tell he is goofy, sweet, intellectual (not always using it for good, often getting into trouble).

Base: Doll on the Hill Factory (Do Not Adopt!)

Jemmia and Professor Nimbleejo

Jemmia's love interest is young Professor Lenny Nimbleejo (Another of Brandon's characters). He is Jemmia's first ever real love interest. Professor Nimbleejo just graduated from Hogwarts and was asked to take the job of Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher from the school, which he took right away. He is very skilled in magic, focusing on that more than being interested in dating. Jemmia is his trouble student, as she often gets a little too distracted with her love for him to do anything productive in class. She often finds herself insulting him during his lessons, unintentionally, of course.

Base: Doll on the Hill Factory (Do Not Adopt!)

Brandon and Jenny Weasley

Yes, in our RPG Hermione and Ron Weasley got together and had children. The result is Brandon Weasley (Rick's best friend, and very much like his father; Ron) and Jenny Weasley (Who's a lot like her mother but is very torn personality wise; having both Ron's and Hermione's personality traits). Brandon is very outgoing, and can't decide which Danstone twin he likes; or any other pretty girl for that matter. So he is content currently, being single. Jenny is a year younger and is just starting to make friends with Jeanna and the gang. She has a terrible crush on Rick, though her feelings of love aren't returned.

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Base: Doll on the Hill Factory (Do Not Adopt!) sprk Doll on the Hill Factory (Do Not Adopt!)