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*Cries* We had a banner... It just got lost to time and many computer reformats. Gahh... I'd rant and rave but I have a feeling it'll go above pg13. *Cries somemore*

A lot of credit goes to this lovely sib of mine. I would not have started a site if it wasn't for him. Nor, would I have continued dolling when I first started. I'm glad that he pushed me to continue and grow in dolling because it is something I have come to enjoy immensely and not just that, dolling has helped me to grow in my traditional art as well.

To push me, Brandon made my very first layout. I was going to give the site a really generic name like Tropicallili's Dolls, which it was known as for a while, but the name of my first layout, by Brandon, was The World of Purple, and it really stuck. So I not only credit him with pushing me to open a site and to continue dolling, I also credit him for being the inspiration to The World of Purple.

Brandon and I met at The Hidden Hangout, a sims forum, where we started playing those fun little forum games and showing off our sim skins. It was always really fun playing "word association" and all that good stuff with him and one day, I got a mysterious im on yahoo. lol! After that, our friendship really grew and he has become one of my very good friends.

I remember the day he asked me to be sibs. We were both still pretty new to dolling, and I was just getting my site up, after being pushed (lol!), when I get a lovely prezzie asking to be sibs. I of course said, yes. I've redone the acceptance doll since then. I just couldn't bare to look at my old acceptance doll anymore. And yep, we have a bacon joke thing between us. HAHA! Bacona! YUM! *waggles eyebrows and hands some bacona to ^_^ BeeNess!*

Asking and Accepting Dolls

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Dolls Adopted from Brandon

Here are a few dolls that I have adopted from Brandon's site. I ask that you please DO NOT adopt them from here.

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