About: Louise - Enchanted

Enchanted is a really nice person. She is very talented with pixels as well as photography. I really enjoy looking at the pictures she's taken on her devart page.

Enchanted and I met at Eden Enchanted, a while back, when it was still a free forum. We met when I bought a cute little pixel panda from her shop. After that, she bought something from my shop. And to add another "After that" ;), we started to pm each other, and that is that.

I'm not so active at EE anymore, and we have completely different time zones so it's tough to talk. Regardless, Enchanted is a wonderful and talented person. I can't stress that enough. I just love looking at her pixels. They are very quaint and colorful. They look like something you'd see out of those old time picture books, or books of children's fairytales (talk about nostalgia).

Asking and Accepting Dolls

We never made any asking and accepting dolls, we just posted on EE.

Dolls Adopted from Louise

Here are a few dolls that I have adopted from Louise's site. I ask that you please DO NOT adopt them from here.