About: Steph - The Unforgiven

Base: Autumn Pixels

What can I say about Steph. It is hard to put into words what a constant support, inspiration, friend, and sib she is to me. Not only is she a super talented individual, she is one of the most witty and kind persons I know. The girl, drives me to grow and progress in my art and is always there when I am in need of constructive critism. Not to mention, she is there when I whine like crazy. lol!

Steph and I met at the sims and graphics forum, Sim Pixels and Graphics. Since then, my dolling beginnings, I have kept up with her art and site. I finally decided after much whining, tugging to-and-fro with my shyness, to my sib Brandon, that I would ask Steph to be siblings with me. And what do you know, she was working up to asking me at the same time, I just beat her to it.

Steph and I have quite a bit in common and we find out new stuff in common when we chat on yahoo. We both really love fantasy, dragons ^_^ (who couldn't, I say), classic movies (though, I'm sure she is more cultured in me there), music (we have quite a few artists we both appreciate, though I'm a pup and still have a lot to learn. *nods*).

Anyway, before I bore you all with my ramblings, since I tend to do that, here is our asking and accepting gifts. Mind you, these aren't our original ones. We were talking one day on yahoo and I thought I'd do a new asking doll for her since I really didn't like the old one anymore and even though, she didn't have to, she made me a new acceptance doll. Yes, we are in the snow but I can attest to the fact that we arne't cold, not in the least bit. I say, we are radiating a globe of heat to keep us warm. Yes Sir, Ma'am.

Asking and Accepting Dolls

Base: Doll on the Hill Factory

Base: Doll on the Hill Factory

Dolls Adopted from Steph

Here are a few dolls that I have adopted from Steph's site. I ask that you please DO NOT adopt them from here. If you would like to adopt them, I strongly encourage you to pay her site a visit and get them from there.


As you may or may not know, my sister Steph and I have several muses, most of which, like to dig holes and tunnels in our brains... All in the name of love or lust for each other. *shrugs* We've dolled each others muses so of course I've been hounded by mine to put some of them up here. So below are some dollies Steph has made of my musies and a few of hers as well. I can't bear to break them up. >_< So the first set below is Steph's muses.

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Below are my five musies, Athalyn, Aeris, Tai, Celeste, and Kai.
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